We all know that dealing with condos, PUD and co-ops can be messy, complicated, expensive and time-consuming.  So much so, that many loan officers and lenders just walk away from many opportunities, rather than deal with the difficulties of resolving condo issues.

We have the staff and expertise to make your condo loans go smoothly and effortlessly.

We Can…

  • Obtain all necessary documentation for limited and full reviews.
  • Independently validate the HOA’s questionnaire answers, to make sure that all answers are complete and accurate.
  • Follow up on all issues, such as litigation, single-entity ownership, owner occupancy %, etc.
  • Provide any additional documentation that you might require, such as reserve studies and governing docs, leases, etc.
  • Review all HOA answers against multiple lender/investor guidelines to determine which investor the condo or co-op will qualify with.
  • Review the insurance and appraisal to make sure that you have everything you need to complete the condo warranty – or if you are a lender, we can complete the warranty for you!
  • Provide a flat fee service that takes the difficulty out of disclosing the correct condo fees.  You no longer have to re-disclose or eat the cost associated with under-disclosing your condo fees.

Condo Limited Review Assessment

Validated Full Condo Review Questionnaires and Documentation

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