Condo Limited Review Assessment (CLRA)

The CLRA report is designed to identify those condominium projects that qualify for Fannie Mae’s Limited Review and Freddie Mac’s Streamlined Review.

Many lenders find that as much as 75% of their condominium projects qualify for Limited Review.  Additionally, a recent study by a leading lender showed that over 50% of appraisals reflect inaccurate condominium project information

Let us show you have you can potentially save over 50% on your questionnaire costs using the CLRA report, while increasing the quality and accuracy of the data driving your underwriting decisions

Validated Full Condo Review Questionnaires and Documentation

Allow us to shoulder the burden of chasing down HOA project managers to obtain a complete set of documentation for your condo project.  All questions in the HOA questionnaire are validated, and all answers necessary to complete a full review (per Fannie and Freddie guidelines) are answered.

All services are provided for a flat fee, and include complete follow-up of all issues, and all necessary documentation for each review.

For the same cost as many HOA questionnaires, we can provide a complete, independently verified review.